Next Spokes Ride

Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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Silver Sunshine

"there is no wrong there is no right, the circle only has one side
we all try hard to live our lives in harmony for fear of falling swiftly overboard
but life is both a major and a minor key just open up the chord
but the grass is always greener on the other side" -
Side, Travis

An easy ride to Mid Calder for the December Ride. A slightly dull day, cold, the wind had died down, which made for a great day to be out on the bike. Even at 10am, people were rushing in to town to do their Christmas shopping, the Edinburgh Road Club were meeting at the Tusitala for their ride, people with suitcases rushing to the railway station or bus stop and others in a post Saturday night glaze, acting as though people don’t mean a thing, moving right through you. Of course some people would argue that it was the sort of day to stay inside, nor was there any point in riding alone.

Sociable Cyclists

This is the reason why I target Spokes Rides in being sociable bike rides. Warmth is gained in the company of others. 26 people turned out for this month’s ride, thankfully the Black Bull pub managed to fit those of us who stayed. Spokes Rides present a Christmas spirit all year round (although not always with Mince Pies!!!)

"I was just guessin’, At numbers and figures, Pullin’ the puzzles apart
Questions of science, Science and progress" – The Scientist,

However there are logistical problems. Some venues cannot cope with 30 cyclists as well. The more people who come on the ride, the more I will have to prepare the route and lunchtime stop beforehand. I, over the past few months, have been compiling a list of friendly pubs. This, in future, may mean you deciding ‘approximately’ what you want for lunch. There may be other changes if the numbers of participants on the rides continue to increase. I am not willing to adopt the old CTC ride notion of picnicking in a barn, or spreading out a canvas and getting out the burner to get the kettle going.

I want to keep Spokes Rides sociable, safe and above all enjoyable. While it is Ok to have 30 people picnicking in summer, in winter, in the cold, picnicking can be downright miserable. If there are limited places for lunch, it may mean splitting the rides in to two groups, to differing destinations. A straw poll shows that where as we could offer a turning back early bunch, specifically in bringing less confident cyclists up to speed and distance of a Spokes Rides, it does not have an impact n the number of people making it to the lunch spot. I have hit a ceiling with numbers as far as the current set up goes. With 150 people on the email list, and rides averaging over 25 people, it is clear I have got to do something, and I want to encourage people to ride their bicycles.

There is also a problem that some nervous women cyclists feel intimidated by a male ride leader. We have a ‘blockage’ at the newbie end in TryCycling. These rides are also proving ‘too’ popular. Spokes Rides would like to see a couple of female bike ride leaders to lead a female oriented bike ride as well. I will be doing the longer rides next year, hopefully the weather will be kinder, and we can explore just a little bit more!!!

So the plan is more rides. Some of this may be a direct request to you to help. I know it seems ominous, but don’t worry, I have been there. I have done rides with just 2 people turning up, in the pouring rain. I have made mistakes. I was alone. You will not be. However I can be proud enough to say a big Thank You to everyone who has turned up on Spokes Rides. Thank you also for the emails stating just how much you enjoy the bike rides.

"We keep passing unseen through little moments of other people's lives." - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig

Brighten someone’s day. Let’s not pass unseen, say hello and smile, especially if you are on your bike. Let’s be nice, polite, not go through red lights. Let’s Explore, Dream, Discover.

The next ride is on January 6th 2008. I normally supply seasonal goodies with tea / coffee at my house after the ride. So if you want to come along, please let me know, as I can then plan for the correct numbers.

Warm Regards

Ride Statistics

Distance:       53.1km (33 miles)
Average Speed:  17.1km (10.6 mph) (Max 48.5 kmh)
Time on bike:   3 hours 6 minutes
Total Climbing: 610 m (2001 ft) (Max 268m)
Max. Temp.:     6 deg C (43 deg F)

Interactive Route Map

The map belows shows the route that we took on the December 2007 Spokes Ride.

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