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Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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Hope those of you who joined us for the Spokes Ride enjoyed the route we took. A lovely day starting cold at 2degC from the Usher Hall, 13 people went to Mid Calder. The trip back was eventful, our route dictated by the depth of snow.

We travelled through Fountainbridge, along Dundee St, Angle Park Terrace, Harrison Rd, Harrison Gardens, Ogilvie Terrace to join the Union Canal path. In places there was still quite a bit of ice on the canal. In Wester Hailes, where the sun was still behind blocks of flats, the canal path was icy too. After passing under Wester Hailes Road, we turned off the canal taking the bridge to go through Westburn Middlefield and join Westburn Avenue. We tuned off just after crossing the Edinburgh By-Pass, and headed up to Whitelaw Farm. We turn right, down the cycle path and across the unmanned level crossing to head down to Riccarton.

Here, we passed through the Riccarton Campus of Heriot-Watt University, after which we turned left, then right, on to Long Dalmahoy Road. On our right was the Dalmahoy Golf course, and in the distance, the snow covered tops of the Ochil Hills. We then followed route 75, through Kirknewton, along Station Road, through Raw Holdings to Main Street at East Calder. At Kirknewton, the white, snow covered, tops of the Highland peaks could be seen in the distance.

We then went through Almondell Country Park to the Mid Calder car park, arriving at 12:10. We hung around for 15 minutes, before deciding to go for lunch. We were heading for the Black Bull, but when we saw food was on offer at the Torphichen Inn, I popped inside to see if they were serving. Which they were, cheap food is back!!!

After lunch, we headed along the main road to East Calder, where we turn right up Langton Road, turning right at the roundabout to head for Kirknewton. At Ormiston Mains, we turned right on to a minor road heading up towards the Pentlands. We turned left on to the A70, which we followed, slightly downhill as well, turning right on to another minor road passing Haughhead Farm, Water of Leith Ford, Buteland Farm and Cockburnhill. At the Riggs, we reached the start of the snow line. Wet snow was not suitable for a snowball fight, and Mike Lewis (of Easy Rider fame!!!) wanted to get a free service for his bike at Harlaw. So, we headed to Marchbank Hotel, turning right to head up to Redford Wood Wildlife Reserve, and through the car park. Here we found our route blocked by snow, we couldn’t take the footpath along the reservoirs as the snow was too deep. We headed down to Balerno, below the snow line, turning right to Malleny Milgate, along a path and on to Harlaw Road.

At this point we were over taken by an old bloke on a traditional bike, it was obvious hew wanted to race, so despite Lamia losing her lock, we gave it all we got. At Harlaw Farm, we stopped, to give the old man a fighting chance, before we sped off. At Kinleith cottage, chaos reigned, as some people could not decide whether to head cross country to Torphin, or take the easy route down Kirkgate and Blinkbonny Road to join the Water of Leith path at the east end of Currie. To those brave souls who attempted the Torphin route I salute you. The old man took advantage of this chaos, and hit the front with a vengeance.

I said my good byes to those who were with me at Woodhall Mains Farm. I overtook the old man as he neared Colinton, along Woodhall Road. Me I blasted up (yes up another hill!!!) to Bonaly and home.

I hope the rest of you all got home safely and in one piece. A big thank you to everyone who turned up, hope you enjoyed it.

Ride Stats

Distance:          60.7km (37.73 miles)
Time Cycling:       3 hours 47 min
Total Climbing:  1002 metres (3287 feet) My Total Climbing was 1408 metres, the penalty I get for living in Fairmilehead)
Average Speed:     16.1 km/h (just over 10 mph)
Max. Temp.:         7 deg Celsius, though in the stillness and the sunshine, it felt a lot warmer and it was considerably cooler in the snow fields

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