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Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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It was really nice to see faces of people who’ve not been on a ride for a few months. Lovely brilliant sunny weather for the last summer ride of 2005. There were 21 people (two tandems and two recumbents) on the Spoke’s Sunday Ride to Linlithgow. Thanks to Dave for inviting us to his home in Linlithgow where we had our picnic lunch outside, and some of us raided the brambles after lunch.

This report is short as I am studying for my MSc.

Some people left us at Linlithgow. 3 people left to see friends,2 for social visit, one for a DIY afternoon. The rest of us enjoyed a picnic with free tea/coffee. Dave handed out forms for the new Spokes competition, and quite a lot of us admired Dave's garden (no eggs from the chickens and no rhubarb). Loads to talk about, and details of the next cyclists' meal was also given out.

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the ride. Thanks to Mike who has supplied some photos for display as well. I will try to post some photographs on the website in the next few days.

Ride Stats

Distance                72km (44.73 miles)
Average Speed           18.3 km/h (11.4mph)
Total Altitude Climbed  520m (1706 feet)
Time Spent in Saddle    Just under 4 hours
Average Temperature     24 deg Celsius (75.2 deg F) (but it did get up to 26 deg C in the more sheltered parts of the ride)

Ride Description

We headed down to Fountain Bridge, down Dalry Road, along Murieston Crescent to Russell Rd and on to the cycle path to join National Route 1 at Roseburn. At New Burnshot, up the cycle path from Cramond Brig, we turned off route 1 to follow a minor road to access the Railway Path to Kirkliston. From Kirkliston, we went past the old Drambuie factory site which has been pulled down, and now housing has been built. We turned left just after the motorway bridge to take the minor road to Niddry. At Niddry castle we followed the Canal. It was lovely to ride beside the canal on such a warm day in the brilliant sunshine, and we passed the new Bistro at Pink Farm. Here, we had a rest here whilst the bramble pickers (and eaters we found out later!!!) caught up ( a little bit). Amy and friend testing Dad as the perched on a rickety jetty. Eventually, driven by the number of people eating food, and no sign of the hungry bramble pickers, we carried on. At Linlithgow, we turned off at St. Magdalene’s to head up to Maison Du Feu.

We left just after two to we head up (and down and up and down and up, up, up!!) the newly surfaced Manse Road to Ochiltree. From there we followed the minor roads to Winchburgh. Here we turned right on to Niddry Road, then left at Niddry. Instead of heading back to Kirkliston, we turned right just after crossing over the railway and headed down to Dave's favourite cycle path between Broxburn and Newbridge. We headed for Newbridge.

We went though Newbridge, where you could wave to airplanes as they land at Edinburgh Airport, along Old Liston Road, right on to Cliftonhall road, the left on to Harvest Rd and Baird Road. This route took us to Ratho. Some people decided to say their goodbyes here, as the Ratho Inn proved too tempting, and on such a warm day, I don't blame them. Others said goodbye so they could take the slow route in along the canal home. The rest of us stormed back into Edinburgh along the canal.

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