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Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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Hope you had a nice Sunday. 22 people turned up, quite a nice day, no rain, but quite cool, temperatures around 5 deg C. Some beautiful views of Arthur's Seat from Musselburgh and at the top of Gilmerton. But I forgot me camera, so couldn't get a picture of one of Santa's helpers on a recumbent. I suppose reindeer will be preparing for the big day.

I spent most of my time chasing after people trying to keep the group together today. Four punctures around Musselburgh, meant some people spent time waiting around. I am sorry for that. But we do wait for people on Spokes rides. We follow the innocent railway out of town, then continued along the path through Bingham, Brunstane to Joppa. We lost Santa's helper at Big W, obviously some last minute panic buying for the big day!!! We never leave any behind.

On the path, things got a bit crunchy under tyre, where seagull had been cracking open a few Mussels. This caused the first two punctures at Mountjoy Terr. At least we could enjoy the vista of Arthur's Seat and the Edinburgh skyline, and excellent views across the Firth of Forth. Further along, anotherpuncture. Two people ably assisted repair, after I showed them where we were headed to, I set off at high speed to catch the rest.

I caught some people at the Westpans lagoons. The rest had gone on further, so we set off to catch them. Where the coastal path nears the mining museum. Another puncture gained a puncture. I told everybody to wait for me, and I chased down the faster cyclists, I managed to catch them at Prestonpans High Street. We turned around, and headed straigh for Inveresk, picking up 'wounded' as we went along to the lunch stop. So we never got to visit the battle field.

A really good lunch was had at the Craig House Hotel, which used to be called The Sweethope House Hotel. Hope you all enjoyed it, including those people who had starter and main course all in one. Those of you interested in the pictures for the new ski slope in Dubai, yes, Dubai, in the Middle East, can follow this link for pictures on the BBC website Factotum, interesting film, set in Minnesota, like Fargo, but not as uplifting!!

Even with all the delays, it took a lot less than 1 1/2 hours to get home, especially as it was a lot less than 12km. We took a minor road to avoid Whitecraig, then went through Dalkeith Country Park. Angie was disappointed the play park was closed. While waiting for people to catch up, other went ahead and missed the turning for Bonnyrigg on the Dalkeith cycle path (despite it being clearly sign posted!!!!!). I did try and chase you down, but you had already gone too far. I had to consider the other people on the ride waiting for me. I hope you all got home safely, but Sheriffhall roundabout is difficult to cross. At least you had a lawyer with you.

Thankfully, everyone seemed to have had a good day.

Ride Stats

Distance:        Various, my distance was about 50km, 31 miles, some people did less!!!
Avg Speed:       18km/h (11.2mph)    Max: 54 km/h
Total climbing:  552m, 1811 ft
Time in Saddle:  2 hours 46 mins
Temperature:     5 deg C, 41 deg F.

Route Description

Basically the usual route across the Meadows, Summerhall, West then Eat Preston St, Old Dalkeith Rd, then Holyrood Park Rd. At Parkside E, we joined NCN route 1 to Big W, then the BrunstanePAth to Joppa, Edinburgh Road to Musselburgh. We then followed a coastal route passing Musselburgh harbour. We then continued along the coast, turning right to cross the River Esk via the foot bridge. We turned left to head up Goose Green Cres, Goose Green Place, where we joined the track to follow the coast. I then had to catch several people, who had decided to go to Prestonpans!

Back up to Levenhall roundabout, then through Pinkie, Ravesheugh Road, Pinkie Road, Newbigging, Inveresk Brae, Inveresk Village Road and Carberry Road to the Craig House Hotel.

After lunch, we took a minor road to avoid Whitecraig, then went through Dalkeith Country Park. Through Dalkeith then onto the Dalkith - Penicuik path by the water-tower.Some people headed up to Sherrifhall roundabout here. The rest of us followed the cycle path, before turn off on to a path to avoid the centre of Bonnyrigg. We turned right on to the High Street, and headed north to Lasswade. We then followed Lasswade Road back to Captain's Rd, where the remnants of the participants said goodbye.

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