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Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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Last Ride of Summer 07

Fifteen people turned up for this ride, numbers boosted by the weather forecast.

The ride to Culross took place on one of those late summer days when autumn takes its first look. The ride started ominously with dark clouds, and as we headed west towards Dalmeny, we went through a small shower, and said hello to several cyclists. After a small shower, the clouds cleared to blues skies, the sun yellow.

Autumnal Cheer

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer." - Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

The sun highlighted the yellow fields of grain and green trees beginning to reveal golden autumn colours. Had this ride taken place in the height of summer, the sun may have been oppressive. But in September, the heat warmed our backs and sides instead of cooking our heads.

I decided it would be grand to go to Fife again for the October Ride, ignoring the weather forecasts and hoping it would remain sunny. Apart from a little early rain, it did. Whereas the Culross ride could be described as the last ride of summer, the sun continued its late appearance this year for our first ride of autumn, and our last ride of British Summer Time.

We followed the coastal NCN 76, and although it was far from flat, there was nothing severe. The route dips down to Limekilns, up to Charlestown, down to the cottages at Crombie Point, along the coast before heading up again through Lower Valleyfield. Certainly, from Crombie to Culross there wasn’t any real climbing, allowing ample opportunity to view dark and moody and moody Lothian across the Firth of Forth or the Fife autumnal cheer.

Mediterranean Atmosphere

The picnic lunch was located in the almost Mediterranean surroundings of Culross Community garden. Protected from the elements, summer seemed in full bloom, instead of taking its last bow. It was all green and pleasant. Relaxing to the point that you don't feel like going home.

The ride back was quite easy, the wind on our backs retracing our tracks apart from two section. The first was to follow the path rather than the road from Culross to Lower Valleyfield. The second diversion was the new path between the Forth Road Bridge and the Euro terminal at Rosyth. While the scenery in this area still leaves a lot to be desired, at least the path was very smooth.

Thank you to everyone who turned up, I’m glad you enjoyed the day. Hope to see you on the next Spokes Ride.

Warm Regards

Ride Statistics

Distance: 89.5 km (55.6 miles)

Average Speed: 18.8 km/h (11.7 mph) (Max 46 km/h)

Time on bike: 4 hrs 44 minutes

Total Climbing: 798m (2618 feet) Max Height 63m (206 feet) (Gradient when climbing: Max climb 16%, Avg Climb 2%)

Max. Temp.: 19-21 deg C (66-70 deg F)

Route Description

We headed out through Fountainbridge, taking the cycle path to link to Dalry Rd, we turned left then right in to Murieston Cres, then along to Russell Rd to access the cycle path. We followed the cycle path to Craigleith, where we turned right to Silverknowes. We carried on along NCN Route 1 along Silverknowes Dr and Silverknowes Terr and the connecting path to Cramond Rd S. From here, we carried along NCN Route 1 Along Barnton Ave, path through the Golf Course to Barnton Ave. W., Braepark, Cramond Brig, passing the Inn, up Cramond Brig Toll and on to the shared footpath cycle path.

We followed the minor road to Kirkliston, turning right to access Standingstane Rd, turned on to Railway Path at Dalmeny to South Queensferry. At South Queensferry, we went along Morrison Gdns to access Forth Road Bridge. The west path was closed, so we went back down, and up to the east side of the bridge to cross over the Forth. At the roundabout at the northern end of the bridge, we took the turn off for Rosyth, Castlandhill Rd, then at the next roundabout, we headed west towards Rosyth along Ferry Toll Road, through Rosyth, along Hilton Rd to Admiralty Rd, the A985. We followed the A985 for 600m before turning left on to Dunfermline Rd to Limekilns.

From Limekilns, we proceeded to follow the NCN route 76 to Charlestown along Church St, the Promenade, Main Rd. In Charlestown, NCN 76 turns off the road on to Rocks Rd, really an off road track, to access the A985. We joined the shared cycle path / footpath to Crombie for 1 ¼ km. At Crombie, the NCN 76 turns left on to Little Footworn and Farm Rd before rejoining the A985 for another 150m before turning left on to a minor rd to Crombie Point. A narrow rd follows the coastline to Torryburn, which turns in to cycle path halfway along. At the end of the path in Torryburn, we turned left on to the B9037, which we follow for 1 ¼ km to the turnoff for Low Valleyfield. We follow Main St., Low Causewayside to Culross, and a picnic lunch in Culross Community Garden.

After lunch we followed the coastal path from Culross to the east of Low Valleyfield. We turned right on to the B9037 to Torryburn, turning right on to the coastal path to Crombie Point. At Crombie Point, we headed north to join the shared path along the A985, to Crombie, following NCN 76 turning right along Farm Rd, along Little Footworn, rejoining the A985 shared path again. At the turnoff to Charlestown, we turn right, then left on to the offroad track, Rocks Rd, that NCN 76 follows. At Charlestown, we turn left on to Main Rd, down the hill, along the Promenade to Limekilns.

At Limekilns, we turn right to continue along NCN 76, along Red Row, right on to Brucehaven Rd to Bruce Haven. At Havens Edge, we turn left on to path that continues along the coast, passing the old Rosyth church, before heading steeply up inland. The path eventually rejoins the A985, Admiralty Rd. We follow the shared path to Hilton Rd, which we follow back to Rosyth. At Rosyth, we turn right in to Castle Rd, left towards the Ferry Terminal, then left on to Barham Rd. Along Barham Rd, we turn right on to the new shared cycle/foot path. This joins Ferry Toll Rd, turn right at the roundabout on to Castlandhill Rd. This accesses the roundabout for the Forth Road Bridge.

We crossed over the Forth to South Queensferry. At the end of the path, we turned left to head down under the bridge, turning right onto Stewart Terr, Loch Rd. We turned right on to Kirkliston Rd, following NCN 1 along Roseberry Ave, at the end of which we turned right to access the shared path at the Sports Centre, to Scotstoun Ave.. Here we turned left, to access a footpath at the end of Scotstoun Ave., taking us to Dalmeny. We rejoined the railway path, turned right on to Standingstane Rd, left on to the road to Cramond to the shared path down to Cramond Brig. From here, we followed NCN back in to Edinburgh.

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